Rolling admission to Secondary 1-4, School Year 2022/23

Activity no: 1001-22-00-02
Enrollment deadline has been exceeded

Important information

The rolling admissions process allows applicants to apply for a space in one of the school’s existing classes if a space should become available during the school year. It is important to note that rolling admission is limited and that all applications are assessed first against the admissions criteria and then the applicants level of language proficiency. Not all applicants will be invited to a screening.

Applications submitted for rolling admission during the school year are valid only for the school year applied in. If you are not offered a space during the school year, and you wish to be considered for admission again the following school year, you must reapply.

Documentation check list

Applications for rolling admission must be accompanied by the following supporting documentation:

  1. A copy of the passport photo page or birth certificate of the child (all applicants)
  2. A copy of the passport photo page or birth certificate of the parents/legal guardians (all applicants)
  3. Proof of employment in Denmark (for example copy of recent contract, pay slip or letter from employer) (Category a, b1 and b2 applicants)
  4. Proof of employment abroad where one or both parents are returned Danish employees working in Danish or international companies and organisations and have had a permanent workplace outside Denmark for a total of one year within the last five years (only Category b2 applicants)
  5. Proof of guardianship of children not living with their parents (if applicable).
  6. A copy of the school report/evaluation from last year.
  7. Admission form for Secondary - a statement from the current teachers that documents the level of language 1, language 2 (first foreign language) and a description of the student's social competences and strengths (use this template). If the parents/legal guardians are divorced and share custody, both parents must sign the Admission form before it is valid.

Without the relevant supporting documentation, the application is incomplete and will not be processed.

The documentation should be uploaded as PDF files.

Consent and data protection

Once you start the application process, you must complete it or the information you have entered will be lost. If you do not receive an automated email confirmation within one working day, please contact the school.

Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee a place at the school. Admission is based on criteria set by the Municipality of Copenhagen, a language screening and availability of spaces in the class you are applying for.

By submitting your application, you agree to your information being used for the purposes of assessing your child's application for a place at the school. If you are admitted to the school, the information will also be used for enrolment and administration purposes. The information provided should be true and correct at the time of submission and if your circumstances change, you are obliged to inform the school.

After you have submitted your application and you have received an email confirmation with a link to 'My pages', you will be able to upload additional documentation to your application if required. For data protection, we do not recommend that you send personal data or missing documentation to the school's email address.

Applications will be kept on file for 24 months after notification of the outcome of the application, after which your personal data will be deleted. Applicants have the right to withdraw their application, and can have their personal data deleted at any time by contacting the school.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding data protection, please contact the school.

Alternatively, you may contact the Municipality of Copenhagen’s Data Protection Officer, Tel: +45 71 74 54 54.